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Sunday, February 27, 2005

I'm not sure if this qualifies as funnier.

But it's now Sunday night. Matrix Online technical support has had my CDKey in their possession since early Friday afternoon.

Have they resolved the problem? No.

Have they determined what the problem might be? No.

In fact, they haven't even responded back yet. Now all these guys have to do is this:

1) Confirm that it was a valid CDKey.
2) If it's not a valid CDKey, explain to me that it's not and find out how Fileshack sent me a bad one.
3) If it is a valid CDKey, tell me that it is a valid key and tell me that they'll rectify the problem.

So the question is - how long does it take to validate a CDKey?? Maybe these guys don't work on weekends or something. Maybe their solution to technical problems is "Shhh, be quiet ... maybe he'll go away."

Which I will gladly. Anything Matrix in video games has been tainted by the awful smell of Enter the Matrix and my love for MMO's is well known to be quite small. Right now, these guys are affirming my every suspicion as to why the MMO industry isn't ready for customers yet.

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