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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shadowrun hacked for XP, Possibly Halo 2

Apparently Razor1911 accomplished what I wasn't willing to wait for from Falling Leaf, a crack to play Shadowrun on XP. The Joystiq comments also point to a story on wowloader which looks like it might crack Halo 2 in the same way. Or maybe they're the same thing - I dunno, I'm writing this on a Mac.

To clarify, this "removes" the "requirement" for Shadowrun to "use" DirectX 10 on Vista. Except that Shadowrun is a DX9 game and doesn't require it at all so it just removes whatever block Microsoft tossed in to force it onto Vista.

Which is now officially not only stupid and a bit mean - but futile as well.

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