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Friday, June 29, 2007

Game Night: Illuminati, Guitar Hero

My knee hurts, but more that in a moment.

I'm not sure our group has played Illuminati enough to have the hang of it yet - our rounds always seem to be about an hour of people simply grabbing uncontrolled groups and then some final struggle between a couple of players which lasts only a few turns. Last night the victor had amassed a decent poker's hand of special cards which allowed him to call a piviledged attack (no intereference), pool all his money and swipe an entire arm of groups to seal the win. I had a two turn strategy to double up on taking weak groups and then use a special card to take my final. But about the time I devised this plan, the special card full house came up.

Still fun, but I think we'll need to try adding in the special goals which do provide a better incentive to steal specific groups, destroy things, etc.

This was followed by a couple of hours of laying down mad riffs in Guitar Hero II. I'm still hopelessly on medium level it seems, even though after everyone left I managed to finish one more hard song. Bringing the total to two.

I think my knee is an indicator as to why though - I didn't hurt it by standing up and playing guitar ... I hurt it while sitting and playing a card game. I don't really quite know how.

Point being - I'm just old.


Deacon said...

I haven't played Illuminati in a few years because it always seemed to come dangerously close to an endgame comprised of fistfights and foul language.

But am I to understand that you weren't using the special goals for each Illuminati, only the main control goal? Because that's going to make for a more cautious game. It's better to have someone as Cthulhu going all out to destroy and then the UFOs with their secret special goal (are they controlling or destroying, going for Weird or Violent?) - just don't let anyone play the Gnomes of Zurich (it's way too easy to amass the 250 megabucks).

Great game. I've been floating the idea of playing it again to my gaming group. Might have to couple it with some opiates in order to keep tempers down, though.

Josh said...

Completely agree. Our problem is that we've played it so infrequently we still look up the core rules :) But yeah, I think the special goals would go a long way to adding a new layer to the game.