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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dark Sector Trailer Pulled - Nobody Sure Why

Gaming Today and received a request from the folks behind the game to remove the "excessive or offensive content" from our host as a measure to appease the ESRB - regardless of age protections like an age gate - a term used in the industry that prompts viewers to agree to only view the content if they are of an appropriate age. (Granted its not hard to lie to get access if you're 13) The big question is why has the trailer (which has been publicly viewable on Filefront since December 2006 and March of this year) just now become "bad" and since when does the ESRB rate trailers for products not yet released?
-- Dark Sector Footage Even Darker Thanks to ESRB

Today, the ESRB "responded" with a prepared statement and no specifics. Seems to becoming the rule of the day.

I swear I didn't mean the culture war post to be the theme for this week.

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