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Friday, June 29, 2007

Man Vs. Wild Flash Game

Gaming Today points to the Discovery Channel's Man Vs. Wild game, a Flash based choose-your-own-adventure type affair. You get a couple of choices and may be occasionally visited by a video with Bear, the show's host. Bear is the kind of person you wouldn't trust a pretty girl around - fit, smart, personable and his name is Bear.

I was eaten by a lion in like three steps. Still, it's interesting to see an old school format being wrapped around what's essentially a television commercial for a television show. Someday, you'll just be playing this on your television while Bear is taking your date out for a dinner.


froso said...

The game is pretty cool.. since I love the show I could really test my Wild skills.. but I think I'll let Bear do the actual battling of the Wild...

Josh said...

Yeah, often what he does frightens me ... whether eating raw eggs or swimming in freezing water. Not my idea of a vacation.

Henry/Dad said...

I love that show I wish it was on more often how about you?

send me the game at