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Monday, June 25, 2007

Better than a bug - "rabbit crash"

Many geeks are familiar with the fact that the term "bug" comes from an actual moth trapped in a server (that links to a pic of said actual moth) - but the team that developed the original graphics for the scifi show Babylon 5 had a more unique problem:

We were working on Amigas, Video Toasters, which were massively primitive.” Straczynski, never at loss for a story, went on to elaborate. “The initial render farm consisted of several Amiga’s linked together with wires that ran through the apartment of the guy who initially did the FX. The wires also ran through his rabbit cages. Every so often, in the middle of a render, a rabbit would chew through a wire. They would call me to tell me they had a rabbit crash. And now here we are today.”
-- CGSociety - Babylon 5 ‘Lost Tales’: Part One

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