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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Trailer Park Saturday: High Def God Of War II

Sony recently released a code for God of War II that unlocks high definition. GameTrailers examines both resolutions side by side:

I didn't really get impressed until later parts of the action, when the smaller version of Kratos gets a lot of visible detail.


jvm said...

What's the ETA for HD in your household? Just curious.

Josh said...

Definately not before August, since we're saving up for that month as it is - so I would probably guess not until early next year or later.

It's just a hard justification for the money, since we already have a sizeable TV and plenty of electronic toys.

jvm said...

In August your The Girl becomes your The Wife? Trying to figure what August means.

Josh said...

Yeah :) - wasn't really trying to be obtuse, just couldn't remember what I had said here before.