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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lost: One Of Us

The season is definately looking to end on a high note if last night's episode is any indication. The writers have managed to add a little padding to the stories that at the very least give us more insight into the Island even if it doesn't always outright offer new information. Another Juliet backstory was just what this season needed, however, and if anything at least confirmed some thoughts people have had about the show.

It was also an interesting structure. We should be able to assume that Juliet's flashbacks were the honest truth. She wouldn't be lying to anyone but herself, or rather an omniscient voice would be lying to us if the flashbacks are merely a narrative device. However everything she actually communicates to other people is naturally suspect. So some of the things we saw that seemed like flashbacks, like Ethan's actions, might just be part of her story.

We also apparently know what Juliet was shown - the x-ray of a woman whose immune system apparently attacked and devoured her. Which should be an implicit kind of ugh. Ben's note of an "implant" is pretty disturbing, especially if it something that they can actually control. Guesses range from some kind of advanced medical device to some kind of creepy bug. Why it is so important that people give birth on this island is possibly another story. Is Jacob even a normal human? Are any of them normal humans anymore?

And where was any mention of Walt in Juliet's (probably false) account of things? I suppose it makes sense if he wasn't really connected to the whole baby thread, but Walt was a child and the one they ended up taking, right?

At any rate, Juliet seems to be this season's Desmond. Last season Desmond was tasked with "taking the ball home" in the last episodes and now Juliet seems to be the figure we'll have to watch.

Oh, and I guess the "Evil Google" theory of the Other's ability to know information was correct. Although honestly I would find telepathy a more reasonable and plausible explanation at this point.

And the big question is ... how did Danielle survive having Alex on the Island? Does this mean Juliet's cure really works ... or isn't required for kids not conceived on Island? It isn't contradicted by Claire if her illness was induced by an implant.

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