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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Notes From Management

I don't know if everyone realizes that the video previews in the left column will actually load here, on page, which keeps people from getting pulled off site just to be curious about the thumbnail. It's actually a pretty slick way Google has it set up and I find myself poking at them occasionally at home. I'm trying to figure out how best to word that in like five words to put into the column. Videos load above stories?

I'm also reading a lot Blogger's Code Of Conduct and all the fray that swirled before and after it being published. So I figured it was a just time to clear up Cathode Tan's policy on comments:

Due to the amount of spam posts Blogger attracts, people are required to log in before commenting here. That's not my desire, I'd prefer to allow people to post anonymously if they so wanted. I'm not concerned with your identity as much as why and what you're posting. Which brings us to the real point:

Cathode Tan is my blog. I write here. I reserve the right to ignore or delete your comments for any reason. That sounds flatly draconian on purpose because its been my experience its better to just come right out and be flatly draconian than dance around the finer points.

So here are the finer points:

Anyone can say anything they want as long as it is pertinent to the post at hand and isn't some attempt to sell readers of this site some product. Those two things go together. If you're shilling some product - go away. If you want to link to something that isn't relevant to the post - go away. If you decide to get mean and nasty about some poster (include myself or anyone else who posts here) instead of being mean and nast about the post at hand - go away. Violating this basic and simple concept will result in deletion.

You can be as mean and nasty about what I write until the cows come home. And I don't own any cows. If I'm wrong or being illogical or have fifteen typos in a row - say what you will about it. If you think I'm being a fanboy, call me a fanboy - but base it on something I wrote. You can disagree and kick and scream about what's being written. Going offtopic and personal isn't going to be tolerated though. I actually prefer a lively argument over silence from time to time.

I don't even mind profanity, although I do try and avoid myself.

On a side note, if you're just honestly trying to promote a gaming orientated site or have something to say which isn't related to a specific, direct your attention to the cathodemail address under "Hate Mail". I will warn people that the blogroll is pretty well cultivated at this point and if you send me a link, I'll probably try reading your blog for a while and see if it is anything that I would poke at a daily or weekly basic - since that's the criteria I've generally used.

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Josh said...

I think it is very fitting that this post had about 15 typos in it.