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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Game Play: More on Fable

I think it would be safe to say I'm addicted to Fable at the moment. If I didn't have to justify my existence to, you know, the man and all, I'd be home playing it right now. The game is seriously reminding me of such greats as Deus Ex or even Zelda - and I know that will probably be seen as a kind of hyperbole to those who have already played it and moved on (especially the Xbox version).

The game just lets you own so much of the experience, however, that I can't help the comparison. I get that it isn't as open-ended as any of the Elder Scrolls games - this is not a "single player MMO" as it were - although portions of the design remind of Phantasy Star Online if there were nothing but NPC's to fight (set areas with random encounters). Still, the control you're allowed over the character's life in general is remarkable as is the attention to detail to making quests a more than linear experience.

That said, however, there are things I wish they would look to changing in that regard for the next version. Allowing the option to fail missions, for instance. Why can't the hero become evil through his own shortcomings? Plus, the options aren't always clear. I had considered letting Twinblades live, but didn't realize the only way to accomplish that was by walking away from him (I kept trying to talk to him and he kept asking me to kill him ... so ....)

I'm still pretty early in the game - so my early impressions might evolve as I play more. I was thinking about getting KOTOR II after this, but I'm afraid it will pale in comparison.


Brett said...

That's strange. I didn't kill Twinblade, myself. Are you perhaps not "good" enough?

Josh said...

No, I just wasn't adventurous enough to simply walk away. Especially since leaving an area usually entails that area getting respawned and everything, I try not to leave anywhere until I'm sure I'm good and done with it.

I figured it was a dialogue piece and so when I didn't get one, I wasn't sure if I had much of a choice.

I don't really regret the action though - there's plenty of loot and experience to be had by beating him.