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Friday, April 13, 2007

Myst Writer Penning Splinter Cell 5

"When I define 'story', I'm talking not just about plot, but what I call the two levels of story in the game. There's the high level, which is the plot, and then there's the low level, which is the player's experience of the game and the story - what he tells his friends of what he did.

"The aim, she explained, is to make sure that the story is much better integrated into the game itself - so she is closely collaborating with the Splinter Cell 5 creative director and another of the game's designers, working to make sure the game mechanics and the story convey the correct experience.

She added: "I work with the level designers and say 'Here's the story we're trying to tell; here's the experience we want the player to have.' Then through the script and events team we ask 'What's the best way to convey a story?'"
-- Myst writer developing Splinter Cell 5 story

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