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Monday, November 20, 2006

Some Notes From Management

Couple changes for Cathode Tan:

For one thing, I dropped Joystiq off the RSS reader during the NaNo break. They had some crap post which for some odd reason had to tack one useless and somewhat idiotic ranting about how stupid Sony was ... again. It's not that I mind reading a little opinion with my news from time to time - but blogs like Kotaku and Joystiq simply have to start drawing the line somewhere. I mean, damn, I post an innocent question about how the PlayStation 3 will handle's its large PSU ... and Kotaku links to me stating the that PS3 will be twice as hot as the 360. Which is a) not what I said because b) it's completely inaccurate.

Opinions are one thing - but just making crap up because you've decided you don't like a gaming company is bad reading. Plain and simple. And especially since these blogs are purporting to be some kind of news outlet - it's just bad taste. For me and Joystiq, it started when they couldn't link to a simply survey without inaccurately describing it and just ended when they felt the need to editoralize a relatively neutral quote from Sony's Harrison.

Update: Gizmodo just got put on the chopping block as well. First they announce the PS3 is a flop because Sony cancelled a line of TV's. Now they just used "drops a steamer" in a headline.

And let me repeat - I'm no Sony fanboy. Right now, in order of likelihood, I would probably be a Wii owner, then a 360 owner and finally a PS3 owner. I think Sony's done bizarre and stupid things.

That doesn't mean I want to read bullshit about them. If you want to report the news, do it. Don't give me fanboy fodder I can find on any gaming web forum under the sun. Sony may be capable of doing stupid things, but stop tripping over yourselves to look like idiots.

Why do I mention this? It's not like these blogs will care. And I'm sure if I find a funny picture of a novelty computer, they'll still link this way. I just mention it for the readers - don't expect any more snarky commentary on other game blogs and if there is a particularly nonsensicle brouhaha afoot (like reporting that the PS3 runs really hot or that Twilight Princess sucks because its too brown) - don't expect me to even notice it's out there.

I think that's best for everyone involved.

And if you direct your attention to the right - you'll see three links to "starred" items in my Google Reader. I'm likely to keep this up and possibly even expand it. I often post what I think is interesting news without really feeling the need to make any commentary on it. It will change probably throughout the day.

Finally, I'll be updating the "no particular order" links in the near future to catch up with things like Gaming Hobo moving and the such. Some might get cut, some might not. If anyone has suggestions for blogs I should be reading daily but currently aren't (i.e., they aren't on the list ... I mean, it's not exhuastive but indicative) - send em to cathodemail. As a side note, I get an email about every week or three saying "I'm doing such and such - would you link to me if I link to you." I don't respond to these not to be an ass - but simply because I try to remember to check those blogs a couple of times and see if it is the kind of thing I would read daily. Here's a tip: send me your RSS feed instead. I'm more likely to put that into reader and see if stuff catches my eye. I'm not out to disrespect anyone - I just like keeping the list short and tight.

And that's about all. Did I mention I accidentally put the milk in the cupboard this weekend? Yeah. It's been that kind of month.

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