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Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm back

Sunset Winterland is "done" - in that wonderful way that could only be defined during NaNo. It's a complete mess. It's a jigsaw of different drafts around a common theme don't even really agree with each other. Some of the most core sections of the story just change. It was almost more like pimping a car than writing a story - I was worried about whether the rims matched the trim ... not if it got good mileage.

It's Thanksgiving week - so I don't know how much blogging or writing I've got in me. Probably get a flurry of posts which have been pent up since the start of the month and then I might disappear for a couple days again. I had thought I'd have another interview when I got back, but I never got a response so I suppose that might be off now.

Oh well. I hear some console like - launched or something. Anyone else hear about that?



jvm said...

Nintendo launched a console. Sony launched a debacle.

Josh said...

Yeah, I've got some thinkings on that to come shortly along.

Short version - I think Sony launched a commercial. There wasn't much reason to launch early except to get the name on the street and cash in on a lot of free PR.

Add in a bunch of REALLY stupid store managers and you have kids running into poles - which is a great visual for the day, methinks.