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Monday, November 20, 2006

PlayStation 3 "Not That Great"

By now, the New York Times' negative review of the PlayStation 3 is probably old hat. Most of the other reviews I've read have been fairly positive - but I can't say I can find much fault in the NYT's opinion. It's not that I've played the PlayStation 3 - it just matches my expectations.

For months now, Sony has just been saying - "trust us ... it's next gen." But they weren't really able to talk about how. Will the media capabilities be different than what we expect. No comment. Will the basic online gameplay be different. No comment. What's the name of the network. No comment.

Even in interviews, people who have developed for the console seemed tight lipped. And now that the final product is in the hands of consumers - some people are still waiting.

There's no doubting that the PS3 has potential. But the launch barely scratches into that potential. After the holidays, Sony will require something other than short supplies to get headlines.

Compare this to the Wii. Nintendo has been up front with what they're doing - what the machine will and won't do. They post videos of people playing the darn thing. Screenshots of the channels.

To make a really bad play on words: What You Wii Is What You Get.

Just saw this:

Sony Computer Entertainment America communications boss Dave Karraker dismissed the review, telling Next-Gen in an e-mail, “This is one person's view of the PlayStation 3 and is not reflective of the majority of great reviews the system has received to date."
-- Next-Gen

Another missed opportunity out the window. Couldn't even muster up a "we've got updates planned that should please people."

I don't even want to think how much money that guy makes to just dismiss stuff.

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