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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gunz and Fate

I tried a couple of games out briefly a few nights back. I actually stumbled on the first pretty randomly, finding a few screenshots on Flickr (no way I could trace that back now). It's called Gunz: The Duel. It's a free beta of a third person online shooter in a similar vein of Action Half-Life or The Specialists. Gunz forsakes the realistic damage for a far more arcade feel ... there's no bandaging or bleed damage here. There are rolls, wall flips, and the like. It adds a few things to the concept, like experience levels and purchaseable gear. Taken to it's potential, it could be some serious PvP action, although right now it feels mostly like a mindless, albeit fun, afternoon fare. You can't beat the going price though.

Also finally tried Fate. It's unlikely to beat Guild Wars anytime soon as my Diablo-esque action of choice, but it definately has a lot of potential. Features like the pet offer some definate creativity to the game mold. I can only assume that since my character starts out at like age twelve that there is a somewhat extensive length to the game as well.

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