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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Go Fate

I didn't realize that Wild Tangent's Diablo-esque Fate was an editor's choice over at GameSpy:

Fate, simply put, is one of the best PC games released so far this year. It's elegantly designed, hopelessly addictive, and -- best of all -- only costs $20. So why haven't you seen in on store shelves? That's because it was developed by WildTangent, and is only available online via the company's website. Don't let the "indie" game label fool you - it's a superb game.

Sweet. Will have to download onto the CheapBox when I get a spare moment.


Clamatius said...

It's a nice little game. A prettier Diablo that you can let your kid play, pretty much. Not really much depth but that's kind of the point.

Full disclosure: I work for those guys right now. ;)

Josh said...

I did finally try this out. Liked it, like it a lot ... although I never really got my teeth into and found myself back in Ascalon soon enough ... :)

Congrats on hooking up with WT. I hope for good things from them.