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Monday, October 31, 2005

Mad King

Here I am, partying with the Mad King. He's pretty fun, although tempermental. I didn't get a pumpkin for a head, but I did get pretty wasted.


Thomas said...

Getting wasted? Pardon a non-player for asking, but how does that work, exactly?

Josh said...

The Mad King basically got players to do a lot of things like laugh at his jokes or play air guitar. Doing what the Mad King wanted would earn you free Halloween special items like absinthe and witch's brew. They'd have special effects like making a pumpkin glow around your heard, have you emit green glows, warp you view, etc. If you drink enough, your character gets drunk and has to sit for a spell.

Thomas said...

Aha. Kind of a multiplayer touch fuzzy get dizzy.

Tony said...

Man, I missed that! I was doing the trick-or-treat with the kids, so no big loss but it would have been fun to see.

Thanks for screenshot!

Brinstar said...

I didn't have time to do anything in-game for Halloween, though that morning, my friend and I traded Charr Carvings for some Absinthe, Witche's Brew, Squash Serum and the Ghost in the Box and tried them all out. Fun!