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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Are Riots Good For Business?

Check out these numbers:

Gamestay has tracked down a source inside EB Games that is telling them that the chain is getting a total of 40,000 Xbox 360’s nationwide. While that may sound like a whole heaping, Gamestay is reporting that total pre-orders number 75,000. Sounds like things are going to be getting ugly at EB come Nov 22
-- EB Games Expecting 40k 360s…And Riots?

This is on the tail of Ars Technica reporting that such shortages are all part of Microsoft's advertising strategy. Well, that sucks. What, being the first next generation console ... and the only one for this holiday season ... isn't enough? No, Microsoft feels the need to make an artifical sense of demand as well?

Eventually, I'll probably end up getting a 360 ... assuming the backwards compatibility gets good reviews. But I'm sure as hell not going to wait in line playing Redmond's stupid reindeer games. The only thing the 360 has that I want is new games. , and I am deeply entrenched in old games at the moment. Between the cost and silly supply concepts, I can gladly wait a while before adding one of these in the old living room.

1 comment:

Jeffool said...

Yeah, maybe I didn't major in marketing, but that really seems like a stupid idea.

Though I may get the X360 eventually, I'm actually waiting to see how the backwards compatability is as well. If it supports a few key games of mine, I'll pick it up. If not, I may get the PS3 instead.

I had already decided that, money willing, I was getting the Revolution and one of the other two. Before the non-backwards-compatabile bit and the harddrive thing, I would've easily said X360. Now? Eh.