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Saturday, October 01, 2005

They said this, They said that

The BD versus HD-DVD war of the words continues. Microsoft says HD-DVD manages better storage, Dell says that's a load of MSCrap. Now Microsoft clarifies, saying that HD-DVD will be ready with 30GB now:

HD DVD is proven to deliver 30GB capacity today, with the potential to deliver even greater capacity. The 50GB claim for BD-ROM discs is unproven and will not be available for many years to come, based on discussions with major Japanese and US replicators. Replicators not only do not have test lines running, they cannot even pre-order the equipment to begin evaluating this disc.
-- Blu-ray fires back at HD DVD camp, Microsoft responds

The claim that BD 50GB disc is "many years" away seems to fly a bit into the face of logic. Plus, there's still the fact that Sony plans on shipping the PS3 with a BD drive while Microsoft felt forced to delay HD-DVD capacity with the 360 (but ... I thought it was ready today?).

In other words, there will probably be more mudslinging like this from either camp. Mostly stuff your average consumer couldn't really give two beans about. VHS taught us simply - the first one to achieve a sizeable marketshare is likely to be the one to stay. Course, DVDs have become less and less profitable for movie studios, so you really think a universal standard would be beneficial to the whole industry in order to produce a replacement as soon as possible.

Ah, who am I kidding. They'll just blame their lack of profits on pirates as usual.

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