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Friday, September 30, 2005

More MS Speak

Just caught this tidbit off of Kotaku. MS Exec Robbie Bach is bragging about how half of 360 users will be on Live. The trick? Well, it depends on your definition of online:

But he's confident that offering the free "Silver" version of Xbox Live to 360 will ensure that around 50 per cent of purchasers will take their console online. That doesn't mean they'll be playing online, though - consumers will have to pay for a "Gold" subscription for that privilege.
-- Half of all Xbox 360 owners will use Live - Bach

Hey Bach, I'm not sure if you've done your research ... but the 360 is a gaming console. That means if I can't play online, I'm not really using XBox Live ... now am I? Normally when someone says they are going to give me something silver for free, I'd expect it to be a good thing.

I'm going send Bach a Christmas gift - a big sign saying "Enjoy Your Platinum!" slapped onto an empty box.

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