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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Games Manifesto?

A little while back I had noted Dean Takahashi's speech on funding game development. Well, now it seems a couple of industry figures have taken up a bit of a serious response to that speech. Greg Costikyan and Johnny Wilson, who will be forming a new company, Manifesto Games:

Game industry veterans Greg Costikyan and Johnny Wilson announced today that they are joining forces to launch Manifesto Games, a new venture to build a strong and viable independent game industry. Its site will offer independently-developed games for sale via direct download--a single place where fans of offbeat and niche games can find "the best of the rest," the games that the retail channel doesn't think worth carrying. Three types of games will be offered: truly independent, original content from creators without publisher funding; the best PC games from smaller PC game publishers, including games in existing genres like wargames, flight sims, and graphic adventures; and niche MMOs.

Right now there's not much more than a placeholder website and chutzpah, but at least someone is, as Greg himself is putting it, putting his money where his mouth is. I'm tempted to offer up some free web services myself, although I'm not quite sure yet how this company will distinct itself from places like GarageGames or

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