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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Guild Wars Updates

ArenaNet has issued a massive gameplay update to Guild Wars. I'm seriously impressed with the level of support they give to this game, throwing dirt into the face of naysayers who claim MMO's simply require monthly fees to handle such ongoing support. Course, they may also be riding on a bet that most of us are happy enough to buy their next, probably near full priced, expansion when it hits. Which in response I'd say, it can't come any time too soon.

I'm probably going to log in soon, so I haven't had a chance to try these tweaks out yet. What I like though, is nothing sounds too horribly nerfed or empowered. Every PlanetSide update seemed to cause all new problems with the way people were used to playing - and that kind of upset is one of my issues with the genre. ArenaNet seems to not only be avoiding the pain of monthly fees, but the annoyance of unfinished game design as well.

Update: Thanks to Brinstar, I see GameSpot has some details on the second chapter.

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