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Friday, April 30, 2010

Developing in AIR on Android Versus iPhone

Performance-wise, AIR for Android is fast. When I was making iPhone apps with Adobe’s Packager for iPhone in Flash CS5, I had to make heavy use of hardware acceleration to make even the most basic animations run smoothly. On Android, my games are all rendering in software, and they feel no less responsive on the phones than they do on my desktop. As Lee Brimelow pointed out, “[Adobe is] able to get tremendous performance on Android devices because Google and the various handset manufacturers have chosen to work closely with us to provide the best possible experience to the end user.”
-- Adobe AIR for Android: Chroma Circuit, Gridshock, and Qrossfire Preview Videos

I downloaded Chroma Circuit for iPhone while poking around the whole Jobs thing yesterday, and it performs quite well. Nice to hear that AIR is even faster, and easier to get fast, on Android. So, Apple, apparently it isn't that Flash is difficult to get performance on mobile devices in general ... just your mobile devices.

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