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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

iVerse Comic App Released For iPhone

The previously mentioned iPhone app from iVerse, which is more or less an answer to all my also previously mentioned complaints has been released and to bribe/tempt you - iVerse is giving away iTunes gift cards for downloading the 99 cent app.

I've tried it, it seems to do what was needed, although only a portion of the library is there right now and I don't think you can download your previous comics into it (which makes technical sense). They did, however, have a new issue of Hexed.


Jacob said...

You will be able to add your existing comics into the new app very soon. Apple has to approve the updates of the old comics which will include this feature. Thanks for the post! :)

Josh said...

Excellent news, Jacob - thanks for the update. Congrats on the app, been playing with it all day and it seems very well done.