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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pushing Daisies' Brief Return ( Happy Birthday To Me )

ABC haven't announced their summer schedule just yet, but when they do, don't be surprised to see the brief return of Bryan Fuller's Pushing Daisies. Just don't celebrate, just yet.

The show's rumored return may not be official yet, but it's not a full-scale change of heart on behalf of the network... They're simply showing the last three episodes of the second season before it gets released on DVD in July. The episodes - reworked by Fuller before the show's cancellation to bring some sense of closure - are rumored to have a Saturday 10pm timeslot, starting May 30th.
-- Pushing Daisies Back From The Dead For More Than Sixty Seconds (Just)

Nice. Might just stay in that night...


Winkyboy said...

As I hear tell, ABC is contractually obligated to air the final episodes, so this isn't really unexpected. Sad that they're airing them at 10pm, but then I don't really care -- does anyone really watch shows when they're aired any more?

Since I'm here, might as well say again that I think TV series' contracts darned-well oughtta include a cancellation-clause that if the network cancels the show, there'll be some extra episodes or a movie specially created to wrap the stories up. Too many great, great shows are cancelled in their prime.

Josh said...

God would that be awesome.