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Thursday, March 26, 2009

TV Watch: Lost, He's Our You

Short version: pretty much anything with William Sanderson in it is better for it.

And now, spoilers.

This was a pretty average Lost episode, with some decent flashback into Sayid's life and character, a bit overuse of flashback material and the occasional tidbit about DHARMA to appease the fans.

And then, Sayid shot Ben. Which opens up a whole other kettle of fish. One of the very few rules laid out by the show, clearly and distinctly, is that time travel can't actually change time. You can go back into the past but well, you were already there in the past when you were in the future anyway - so whatever you did, you did.

Pretty certain Heinlein explained that better, but you get the point.

So I think we need to go back to television basics here. We didn't really see Ben die, we saw him get shot. We also see adult Ben, hence Ben doesn't die. Or more specifically he does die, but the island brings him back to life - and that's why Ben says he was "born on the island".

Whether that's just good healing or it means that Ben has been accepted into an odd club with Christian Shepherd, Locke and Alpert as members, we'll have to wait to find out. Hopefully we'll find out a bit more about what exactly does happen when you die on the island and maybe why we keep seeing Charlie, Ana-Lucia, etc.

Good episode, all in all, but especially for ending with a bang.

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