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Thursday, February 05, 2009

TV Watch, Lost, The Little Prince

This season is starting to feel off balanced to me, and I think I'm getting an impression as to why. I'm getting in line with the sentiment that the On Island scenes seem to out pace the Off Island scenes so much that episodes feel lopsided as a whole. The show has gone from flashbacks to flashforwards and now on to some kind of flashoffonisland tango thing. The first season of the show worked best when the flashbacks proved out some kind of poignant character development. The flashforwards worked best when they pieced together some kind of portion of the larger puzzle. The flashoffonisland tango parts just don't create any kind of synergy for the show.

I'd honestly vote for one full episode off island, one full episode off. As it is, the off island parts seem slow to me. Sayid's parts are keeping it interesting, and I think I am physically unable to dislike a scene with Hurley in it, but I can't help but think that fate as been so powerfully involved in this plot that legal tricks and tranq darts feel a little low brow.

The on island parts seem to be earnestly building to something. My only real complaint is that parts feel more clip show than time travel. And honestly, I must have microslept there a moment because the outrigger escape made very little sense to me.

So in general, this was mostly another bridge episode - but I'm hopeful that the next episode will reveal enough about Crazy French Lady's adventure that it will pay off in the end.

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