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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Rain In Spain

Going to just call it and say bon voyage for about two weeks, peeps. I have to run to my hometown, jump onto a quick business trip and fly out of the country by this time next week. Going to Spain for a family vacation, so won't have much access to a computer outside the iPhone for a while, and probably not much there.

Thanks to Matt for loaning The Girl and I Prince of Persia, which is a title people kept asking me why I wasn't playing and now I know why. Weird as it might sound, it's more like the game I expected Mirror's Edge to be, has some of the best controls on the planet and a great female character. What's not to like?

My Killzone 2 preorder might be delayed, which is fine since I doubt I'd have much time for it this weekend anyway. I'm also trying to find someone to test out FEAR 2 for me, so I might have something of a review roundup to do when I get back.

Until then, good hunting.

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