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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Game Anticipation: Feb, March 2009

I had thought that once I weaned myself off Fallout 3, I may not have much to do for like the rest of the year. Actually, February is looking pretty swank, especially for the PlayStation 3, and March not so bad itself...

F.E.A.R. 2 (Feb 10th)
The demo more or less sold me on it, this will either be a purchase of GameFly depending on the game's length and multiplayer reviews. I actually quite liked the online play of the original's PC version, so my expectations are pretty high.

Flower (Feb 12th)
More curious than anything else, but if the reviews are to be believed - this is will be a must download from PSN. flOw is still a pretty popular game here at the pad, and I'm hoping for more of the same.

Noby Noby Boy (Feb 19th)
Same as above - I know very little about this game other than how much I loved Katamari and how hard it was to explain that game without just playing it.

Godfather II (Feb 24th)
Grand Theft Auto with strategy elements? Yes, please.

Killzone 2 (Feb 27th)
Honestly I feel I should play Resistance 2 before committing to this title, as I think R2 got a bad deal from a very poorly handled demo and bad visibility with the holiday season. Still, I quite liked the original, even though I'm a bit afraid that the sequel will fall under the same "good title despite the hype" problem.

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard (Mar 3rd)
I once joked that some Unreal modders could take the basics of Duke Nukem, create a similar beefcake main character and get a decent game out before Duke Nukem Forever. Well, it's not from a mod team - but we have Matt Hazard pulling off basically the same stunt.

Resident Evil 5 (Mar 13th)
Does it really need an explanation?

Sacred 2 (Mar 24th)
I really can't wait for this game, actually - I've been wanting a decent Diablo-esque coop for the PS3 since I've gotten it. Granted, I haven't tried Untold Legends yet, but let's hope Sacred can vault over that mediocre standard.

On the Wii, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was interested to see how Onechanbara - I mean, c'mon. Bikinis. Zombies. Could they add beer and bacon? Echoes of Time of time comes out the same time as Sacred 2, so I guess if the western coop RPG fails me, I have the Japanese one to comfort?

1 comment:

sterno said...

I got a gift card to Worst Return (aka Best Buy) and dropped in on a preorder of KZ2. So I'll be sure to post a review of that once I get a sense of the game.