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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Game Play: D&D Tiny Adventures (Facebook)

It's almost like someone went back to my complaint about Facebook gaming and like, well, read it. Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures does not force you to hit up all your friends in order to level up - in fact they don't even embarrass themselves with one of those "click here to spam your entire address book" kind of screens.

Instead, the game offers up a simple interface, chock full of the lovely kind of artwork fans of D&D would expect, which allows you to push an adventurer off into danger and see what happens. You're control is minimal, which harkens back to the door games of old, but there's enough interaction with inventory management along with the well-written adventure events to make it interesting. As the events are time delayed, the game provides for an excellent periodic distraction throughout the day.

The social aspect allows you to help out friend's adventurers in need. Sadly, the real adventurer in need here is the game itself. The biggest problem the game has is that it doesn't always work. The server is about as reliable as an ex-girlfriend for about half the day and recently the team had to fall back to an earlier database.

Stability aside, it would be nice to see some more customization down the road. But largely, it would just be nice to be able to play the game.

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