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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There's This City Modelled After Liberty City

You might have heard of it. They have a baseball team and everything.

New York City is pretty much the bomb, as cities go. I'm still a Chicagoan at heart, it's true. There's a density to Manhattan which takes getting used to - a slight pressure difference even from the likes of London which is hard to describe. With that said though, I can't deny that we'd be hard pressed to match the fine eats and treats which are within reach in the city. We had Saturday night at Momofuku - possibly the finest Thai food I'll ever have.

Best quote of the week belonged to the random stranger who faced with The Met responded with a "You know, this museum is actually pretty nice." I mean, unless you like, you know, grew up in the Louvre or some crap that takes a certain perspective to pull off gracefully.

And Spamalot rules. It's a simply dead on adaptation of Holy Grail and will make you giggle in all the same ways.

We're still catching up on television, work and the real Liberty City. Not necessarily in that order, mind you.


sterno said...

Yeah I saw Spamalot in Vegas and it was awesome. Oh and for the record, they change up Spamalot for different locations. Little quick jokes here and there to play off wherever you are.

One thing though was that I found a lot of the jokes felt kind of old to me because I've seen that movie 18 million times. Like I'm sitting there in the audience lip syncing portions of the script thinking, I could do this for free at home :). Don't get me wrong though, there was a lot of fun stuff added once it got rolling.

Oh and nothing like an audience all on their feet singing "always look on the bright side of life" at the top of their lungs :). When I found my own country, that will be the national anthem.

Josh said...

Yeah I didn't know how much of it would be lifted versus updated versus expanded or whatnot. The new stuff was gold, the old stuff was classic.

My only caveat, and this might have been the directing, is that a few of the scenes felt a little hastened (Black Knight) while others were mysteriously expanded.

But I adored all the nods to it actually being on stage, references to the fourth wall, etc.