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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rumor Mill: 3G Phone out June 27th, Not Cheap

This ModMyiFone post links a few supposed leaks from AT&T managers (who apparently forgot their Steve Jobs Secrecy Oath) together to state that the 3G iPhone will be out late June and that the 8GB and 16GB will cost $599 and $699 respectively.

Personally I don't notice the lack of 3G much. Course, that's because I have a tendency to go from one wifi network to another wifi network and if reading Google Reader takes a little bit longer on the bus it's really quite fine since it's better than wondering when the constant braking will pull my arm out of the socket anyway.

In related news, it turns out I'll be at WWDC (when all this will probably be officially announced, along with more AppStore details). I'm actually pretty psyched. The last time I spent five days rolling around new technology was when Netscape announced Communicator.

OK, now I just feel old.

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