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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

After Some Cursing: A Native iPhone App

Yesterday my acceptance as a Standard Developer popped into my inbox. I wasn't entirely sure what to do with it and it's already been a long week, so I waited until tonight to play around with it.

To say that the legit method of getting a native iPhone app running on your iPhone is a bit obtuse barely cuts the surface. You'll end up signing certs, uploading certs, downloading certs, playing with the Developer Connection interface for a while and then wondering why the hell OS 2.0 doesn't exist anywhere only to realize that once again the iPhone Dev Center can't quite figure out how to update itself and hence forgot to add the link to download it in the first place only to finally install it which only ends up making it seem like iTunes might have accidentally crashed your phone only to have it simply wipe all your data and then ask nicely to restore only to then tell you some of that data might not work on the new OS...


Oh, and apparently at some point in the future Apple might brick this phone as the OS2.0 beta expires until I can get a new one.

But hey - I actually installed a native app and with a button click ... it launched on the phone and not in the simulator. Which is pretty darn snazzy. Granted it's currently just four blue squares which spawn another one and then move a bit when you tap the screen .... but it's a start.

Apparently the SDK agreement also restricts you from broadcasting screens from the simulator (which makes my April Fools joke simply risque). Not sure about the phone itself (a la the Quake 3 demo). So when I give updates on the apps and tell you how awesome they are ... you might just have to believe me.

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