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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weinsteins Strike Back - The Fanboys Controversy Starts

Fanboys is a movie involving Star Wars and Kristen Bell. Generally speaking, I would need to know little more about it in order to go see it, but apparently Producers Weinstein have decided I wouldn't see it if it mentioned cancer.

Did I mention it has Kristen Bell?

Oh, and this is choice:

Steven Brill, director of Little Nicky and Drillbit Taylor was brought in to do several days of reshoots to erase any reference to terminal illness. The new scenes were shot during the writers' strike, and the dialog was mostly improvised. The original director, Kyle Newman, and screenwriter Cline were not involved in the reshoots or re-editing. "Have you seen the cancer version of this movie?" writes Brill in an email to an angry fan. "I have. It is unreleaseable. It would be irresponsible to release it."

Because people - if anyone ... anyone knows what is unreleasable and irresponsible ... that person would be the director of Little Nicky and Drillbit Taylor. Cancer? Knowing this guy had anything to do with it makes me less likely to see it. I would take cancer over a screening of Little Nicky any day.

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