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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Format War Officially Over - Toshiba drops HD-DVD

Wired via Reuters reports Toshiba is cancelling HD-DVD manufacturing, putting the consumer choice between Blu-Ray and that format to rest. Wired notes that Blu-Ray sill has to face the many download options which users have at their disposal, which is a widening array including torrents, web-based flash players and iTunes.

Obviously this is excellent news for Sony, whose PlayStation 3 could see a continued bump in sales. Whether this means Microsoft will swap their external HD-DVD player for a Blu-Ray or try to increase their downloadable offerings has yet to be seen, although the hard drive being optional (and quite small on some models) can't make that latter an easy option.

Update: Engadget reports that Toshiba cries 'not dead yet!' ... but sadly nobody really cares anymore.

Update 2: The possibility of an "Ultimate" 360, with internal Blu-Ray and the rest of the "Elite" offerings, has widened. Do us a fave, Microsoft, and toss WiFi in there too, will ya?


DC said...

There are going to be a lot of sad faced XBox 360 owners who have to shell out some more cash for the Blu-Ray add-on.

Josh said...


I wonder if the fallout in HD-DVD prices might not leave at least the possibility of a cheapass burner.