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Monday, February 11, 2008

DVD Watch: Pulse

Pulse is an odd bit of film. It's visually compelling in parts and surprisingly creepy at points, but the entire plot seems to wait until the last act to even start putting itself together. Up until that point, you get a mishmash of scenes thrown at you in an attempt to make some kind of spooky collage. Almost as if the filmmakers couldn't decide on any one creepy theme for more than twenty minutes at a time. By the end, the scope of the plot feels somewhat bold for the general Asian-to-American horror films (which are swiftly starting to outstay their welcome, sadly) - but also feels oddly out of place by the time you get there.

And sure, Kristen Bell is always a joy - but there are times when you think you're watching the zombie season of Veronica Mars.

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