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Monday, January 28, 2008

Where Are Computer Icehouse Pieces?

Grand Aleks let us know of this Icehouse design competition, but I'm not sure she's getting the big picture here.

Loony Labs gave the world Icehouse some time ago, but the real gift turned out to be Icehouse pieces, or so my board game intelligence tells me. The thing was that the pieces to the game were fairly cheap, fairly generic and extremely versatile. The can stack, be turned to point, have various colors, etc...

So people started making their own rules to them. Not just "modding" a board game, not just making house rules and the like, but making brand new games out of nothing more than the existing pieces. As far as I can tell - there is no computer analogy. This is because computer games generally begin with board, not the other way around.

Am I wrong? Is there a more appropriate equivalent? Or is this just one thing the real world still has on the virtual? The ability to take objects and apply abstract rules, free of cost?

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