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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Apokalyptica 2008

Apokalyptica is winter holiday of celebrating the fact that the world has not, in fact, come to an end once again. Usually I'm more on top of promoting it during December, but that was one wild and crazy month for us. Apokalyptica has always been a bit of underdog as holidays go, being all removed from Wikipedia and stuff.

I'll try to get some updated posts for this holiday month when I get a chance, and maybe it will motivate me to finish at least a part of This Town Is Dead, the IF I'm working on.


Patrick said...

The time to celebrate Apokalyptica is on the 21st, the solstice, because this is when the world is schedule to end anyway, and everyone remembers it. That said, there's plenty to celebrate, in the sense that this year is shaping up to be pretty damn apocalyptic.

I recommend this.

Josh said...

A solstice does make some sense, but the closer things get to Xmas, the more even I forget about my own made up holiday.

Somehow moving it to March feels less festive. Maybe Jan. should just be an "Apokalyptica Month".