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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gawker Against Scientology

This is kind of interesting, talking about Gawker's Nick Denton insisting on posting some of Scientology's indoctrination videos even when the lawyers say no way.

What I find really interesting about it is that I just read a piece on Scientology's Celebrity Center in the New Yorker of all publications which is infinitely weaker on examining the cult than Gawker. There's not a single observation in the New Yorker article that the author doesn't allow someone from the cult to offer a PR spin to defend. Was the Castle built on mostly slave labor based on a program of punishment? No, no ... that's just therapy. And the New Yorker sucks it all in just for a chance to mention Jenna Elfman, reducing the magazine to little more than People without the people.

Take that one in for a moment, that a uppity blog can severely outclass the magazine that still tries to put the toity in hoity toity.


Patrick said...

Whats interesting about this is Scientology is an artifact of CIA-sponsored mind control experiments and the occult traditions behind that. Look it up. By taking on the Church, you're indirectly taking on a much vaster establishment of mental exploitation.

Josh said...

What I don't get is ... if this really is video of some stupid org award, then why would Scientology suppress it?

If you can't handle your star power talking "honestly" about your "religion" then you shouldn't try to handle either honesty or religion.