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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Forest For The Trees With Colorado Killer

I'm fighting off some kind of dire sleeping plague, so hold on tight while I attempt to form complete sentences.

This Sunday, Matthew Murray attacked two locations and killed four people, two at a missionary center and two at a Church. Theories abound and of course his relationship to video games pondered, but this struck me as odd:

When I was a teenager my mother would do a pat down to check for music, DVDs and video games whenever I came out of an electronics store like Best Buy or Circuit City.

I’d still obtain things anyways, it was like getting drugs from a drug dealer, EVERYTHING had to be done in secret. lolI remember getting thrown around the room and hit while getting interrogated about whether or not I had video games and DVDs. Then there were the constant interrogations by the church pastors… I remember having to listen to everything in secret, at very low volume levels or with headphones, whether it was video games, TV, DVDs, or music/radio.
-- Gaming Today via All Spin Zone

Emphasis mine. Does anyone else think that kid getting "thrown around a room and hit" might have something to do with his level of aggression?


All I found in christianity was hate, abuse (sexual, physical, psychological, and emotional), hypocrisy, and lies," writes the poster, who adds that he is one of the "nobodies" "who just wants to be loved and accepted somewhere. I just want to be one of the somebodies.
-- Denver Post

Again, emphasis mine. Anyone else think that maybe this isn't as mysterious as it looks?


Unknown said...

Obviously you are crazy. IF he didn't have the video games and debil music, no one would have had to throw him around a room or abuse him.

Josh said...

Yeah, you're right. Plus I hear tell that it's the only way to beat the devil out of someone anyway...