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Thursday, October 18, 2007

TV Watch: Bionic Woman

Man, I really want to like this show. It's geeky, features badass chicks and Starbuck. It looks great, visually, as well.

So why does it make it so hard to like? Take last night's episode (spoilers follow). Jamie lies to her sister about where she's going. She says she's off visiting a friend instead of fighting bad guys in Paraguay. Did she, like, miss a couple classes at clandestine school? The company can create a fifty million dollar bionic implant, but they can't afford to give her a decent cover story? How hard is it to say - there's a conference I have to go to out of the city. See ya Monday.

Not to mention - doesn't sis find it odd that Jamie is, what was it - a bartender - and now has some high powered consultant gig? What exactly is she consulting on - jello shots?

Then we have this whole go save this guy, no we're killing this guy, no I let this guy go and now I put my supervisor in the hospital. I've been on some mismanaged projects - but it is becoming evident that these people spent all their money on leasing that ubercool mountain secret lair and not so much on, say, good project leads.

There's this program called Visio. They should check it out.

And then we have Starbuck. Sorry, Sarah. Who apparently was killed once, went insane, but might have been insane to begin with, so we're going to poke her with needles a lot and ask her if she's insane. So the CIA operative with a flash drive was going to get the six foot severance package - but they don't have a sniper decent enough to snuff out crazy cybernetic chick.

Nor, apparently, with all the nanobots, internal sensors and GPS hookups did any of these braniacs consider installing an off switch. C3PO had one, go rent Star Wars a few more times before making a drunk into a super villain.

Right now, Sarah stands as the analogy for the show. Pretty and can kick a little ass - but in the end something of a train wreck.