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Monday, October 01, 2007

360's New Clothes

Or, CPU as it were:

We've been waiting and waiting, and after months of speculation, a hardware revision, a couple limited editions, and even a new SKU, it looks like Microsoft is finally shipping "Falcon"-equipped Xbox 360s with 65nm CPUs. According to the eagle-eyed posters in the official Xbox forums, Halo edition 360s from lot #734 appear to be the first machines with the new chips, and the time-honored method of peeking inside the case with a flashlight should confirm you have the latest and greatest once you get your baby home.
-- 65nm Xbox 360s starting to trickle out?

I wonder why Microsoft would make this so invisible, so off the radar. Are they afraid that by confirming they've updated the CPU - they'll kick off a round of debate on the design flaws which cripple 360's in the first place? If so - seems like a pretty bad strategy ... we already know these flaws exist, so why not just tell us when you fix them?

Then people like me might take the console more seriously.


Unknown said...

My understanding is that the GPU was the cause of the RROD. So a better CPU is good news, but the entire system still hasn't moved over to the new fabrication process. Microsoft may have taken steps to limit the problems with the fatter GPUs, but we won't know that for another six months or so.

Josh said...

Makes sense, I suppose, not to crow about a fix which might not fix anything.