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Thursday, September 13, 2007

TV Watch: West Wing, Season One

Because TV has been its off-season, we've been catching up on show with Netflix. We finished Deadwood and started West Wing from the beginning, in part because of numerous recommendations over the years.

It is quite good - and I'm willing to concede now that as pure television West Wing exceeds Sports Night. It's more grown up. More mature. Less, as many would put it, maudlin. It hasn't unseated Sports Night as my favorite though - because part of likes to pull out that maudlin, that simple swoop and dive approach to emotions and events, compared to the more subtle threads of West Wing.

Still, we're enjoyed the heck out of season one and can't wait for the second. In fact, I'm off to see if Pandora can load up "The Jackal" right now.

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