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Friday, September 28, 2007

Jack's Kid Buys BioShock/Halo 3. Jack Barks Up Wrong Tree.

GamePolitics reporteth:

The activist, who sometimes refers to himself as the “Energizer Bunny” of the game violence debate, is at it again.

In a press release issued late yesterday, Thompson claims that his 15-year-old son has once again purchased an M-rated (17 and older) game at a South Florida retailer.

Readers may recall our September 13th story in which Thompson claimed that Junior purchased BioShock at a local Best Buy.
-- Thompson & Son At It Again… Says Junior Bought Halo 3 at Target

Dear Jack,

Here's the difference between a Target employee being paid minimum wage not to care that some 15 year old kid is let loose with $60 worth of purchasing power and the United States Air Force using video games to recruit minors for real life violence ....

... actually, if you need me to tell you - you're a moron.


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