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Thursday, June 21, 2007

But I Was Working On That

In Safari there's this bug where HTML and rich elements clash. If you try to update the appearance of the HTML element while it is over a Flash embed, for instance, the HTML flakes out and likes to disappear. When this is say, your navigation menu, that is generally bad. Part of my job ... actually much of what makes my job what it is ... is to figure out the best workaround for situations like this one.

So I'm beating around an example on my Mac at work. The Mac starts pleading that it needs to do a security update, so I let it. It interrupts me again because it wants to reboot - so I reboot it.

When I log back in and pull up my example - it's fixed.

I confirmed with a co-worker. Looks like they updated WebKit and removed the bug.

Compared to the Windows Mobile nightmare ...

1 comment:

Patrick said...

Yup, Microsoft delivers a shitty product(s) vetted by shitty service, and Apple does much better. You'd think free market pressures would put Apple on top; hmmmm.