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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Illinois Loses Another Million To Video Game Fight

Thanks to Winkyboy for sending this wonderful tidbit along:

Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich has spent $1,000,000 in taxpayer money attempting to "appeal a 2005 federal court ruling that a state law banning the sale of violent or sexual-explicit video games to minors was unconstitutional." Money was diverted from "the public health department, the state's welfare agency and even the economic development department," because health and welfare aren't important when our children's welfare is at stake.
-- Q: How Much for That Family-friendly Game in the Window? A: One Million Dollars.

Oh brilliant. This is after he lost half a million to the ESA trying to fight for the bill in the first place. Illinois, for the record, is not exactly running high on the hog when it comes to cash these days either. Diverting funds from public health runs contrary to his public goal of providing health care for Illinois children as well.

So maybe instead of talking about opening more casinos or selling off the state lottery - we should stop spending millions in a fight against bogeymen and windmills.

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