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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

HDMI Not A Problem?

Joystiq is trying to explain why HDMI isn't quite the deal most people are making it out to be. It seems the real necessity to have HDMI to produce 1080p content is the DRM for playback which would insist on an encrypted feed. Wow, Sony's crazy DRM concepts are shooting a bullet into their crazy format concepts which is dragging down their crazy pricing concepts.

Go figure.

The illustrious Boing Boing has more on this:

Of course, no customer wants this. It's crazy to think that there are manufacturers out there who are devoting engineering resources to purposely degrading the quality of their products. Especially since there's very little HDMI equipment in the field today -- chances are the high-def screen you have in your house today is plugged into a PC, and isn't HDMI-ready at all. No reason not to use these cheap, plentiful screens with high-def players, except for the cartel's insistence that you shouldn't.

The agreement to stay away from the image constraint token for four or six years is a way to get around this. If the DRM is kept switched off for the first 4-6 years, there's an opportunity to lure people into accepting it -- to buy into devices, media, players, screens, storage and other components with HDMI crippleware within, but inactive.
-- HDMI, the Manchurian DRM - a Broadcast Flag dormant until 2010

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