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Monday, April 17, 2006

Honey, We're Killing The Kids

I swear, I'm not in some kind of weird violent mood today.

However, that CNN article reminded me that TLC is airing Honey, We're Killing The Kids, which details how parental behaviors can lead to unhealthy living down the line. Parents, I don't normally want to, you know, get all up in your grill and stuff. However, as a gamer, I get a lot of gruff about how my hobbies will either a) harm your child or b) get your child to harm others. For a change, I'd hope parents would take some time away from watching American Idol to maybe realize that smoking hash and bringing home hookers* might not be the best thing for Johnny's well being.

* I don't actually think any parents out there reading are bringing home hookers


Clamatius said...

>I don't actually think any parents out there are bringing home hookers
You don't think so? Hell, some parents pimp their own kids out. Admittedly, it's not exactly common but it does happen. People suck.

Josh said...

Well, more specifically I meant that I don't think any parents reading this blog are bringing home hookers :)

Since some parents are hookers, I'm sure it happens somewheres...