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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Apokalyptica Update

The Girl and I stayed in last night, quite the rarity for a New Year's for us. Normally we're the first in, last out, types. Tragically, The Girl was feeling quite miserable and I'm still waiting for my allergy meds to kick in, so we decided best to take a pass this year.

Most of our last two days has been spent with Doom: The Boardgame, which makes for quite the Apokalyptica celebration. It took us some time to get it all setup and understand it on Friday night, but it's been quite the fest since then. I'll post a longer review later, but the short version is: extremely high production values, lots of fun possibilities, addictive gameplay but terribly unbalanced. While I've read reports that the game designer defends his setup because he can win any scenario on either side. Well, OK. But even the lucky beginner can sometimes win at Monopoly on their first outing. Last night, the "Invader" player (think Dungeon Master with a serious grudge and attitude problem) had to give up several freebies to keep the game going.

Course, the game is still fun. Which is probably an even better defense of the game. We'll be picking up on the third scenario once we get out Apokalyptica pancakes off the table.

Last night's Apokalyptica movie was Big Trouble In Little China. The movie doesn't rate high on the Apoklayptica scale since the threat of world domination by Lo Pan is pretty well down-played. But as Jack Burton always says, what the hell.

Donnie Darko, the more I think of it, may be the best Apokalyptica movie out there.

Tonight is probably either Army of Darkness or Resident Evil.

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