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Friday, October 21, 2005

Daily Show Got Doomed

I really felt for Stewart last night. Jon is so clearly a gamer, a real hardcore gamer. He's made references to beating hookers for money on the air. He's not kidding around.

So to watch him get very excited to hold the BFG prop and talk to The Rock about the movie version of the game was just kinda .... weird. For instance, Jon kept making references to Hell. For any Doom fan, this would be an obvious path. Unfortunately, the movie doesn't feature any demons or teleportation accidents .... just genetic freaks.

I was explaining this to The Girl, that essentially the entire plot of Doom can be phrased with just a handful of nouns. Mars. Teleportation. Hell. Escape. That's pretty much it. Now, the movie originally didn't even have Mars. So ... it was batting like 1 for 4. Now it's only at 50%. How hard can it be to copy a plot so simple? What possible reason for changing it would anyone have?

Stupid Hollywood. What's the inevitable result? That's right, apparently the movie sucks something hard. And that first person sequence IGN raved about? According to Steve Rhodes, "the painfully long and insufferable last act is like being stuck in a bad first-person shooter video game nightmare."

Jeepers. Do the world a favor. Go see Serenity this weekend instead.

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